Best Practices in Staffing and Productivity Monitoring

March 30, 2018

Your staff is the lifeblood of your organization. How you manage your staff directly impacts your bottom line. As the industry continues to focus intensely on cutting costs, and with most organizations committing 40-60% of their operating expenses towards staffing, it’s no wonder that managing labor productivity has again become a hot topic. This presentation will review the different ways StrataJazz can help your organization control labor expenses in clinical and operational departments without adversely impacting patient satisfaction, quality, and employee satisfaction. We’ll review how staffing to demand can be used to set your productivity targets, how to track these targets, and more importantly how to engage stakeholders at your organization. We’ll also hear insights from an organization who has recently implemented the StrataJazz Productivity Reporting solution, and is expanding the rollout to more sites across their health system.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how using historical staffing and patient volumes can help set productivity targets for the upcoming year.
2. Understand the different ways to track productivity targets throughout the year.
3. Learn how to drive adoption of a productivity monitoring solution at your organization.